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There are tons of information on Internet. If we want to be updated on the latest news and ideas about Innovation, we have to visit various news sites, blogs, etc. Unfortunately , this is time-consuming and sometimes wasteful, as often there is nothing new on the blog or news site.

All of us are really very busy ! But, all of us really need to be updated with relevant info about Innovation.

What if we had a single point with all relevant and updated information about INNOVATION ?


I discovered a site called popurls which aggregated and compiled on one page a list of headlines from stories or blog entries from several sites with links to them, and this Innovation Hall of Fame came to my mind.

The site should be a dashboard for the most relevant and updated headlines of contents about Innovation that have been generated around the world. We should focus on Top instead of Large Amount of innovation content.

All type of content (Blog posts, articles, Presentations, Videos, etc.) that is of interest for the Innovation community should be handled.

Usability of the service should be carefully designed with the use of Rich Internet Application resources.

User feedback should be kept in mind in all life cycle. The site should provide the sources that YOU consider of interest. It should be your selection, not ours.

Innovation Hall of FameInnovation Hall of Fame

Innovation Hall of Fame agregates on a single page most relevant and up-to-the-minute headlines about Innovation on the Internet and links to the contents themselves.

Top 10 dashboard provides 10 Sources of headlines, a Presentation's collection and a Video's collection. The five most recent headlines of each source is displayed, although it is possible to see a complete list of headlines with a drop-down feature.

Presentation and Video's collections display 12 latest generated content around the world.

Positioning the mouse over each headline displays first paragraphs and allows a rapid scan in order to easily find if anything looks interesting and get to the full content.

Innovation Hall of Fame

Top 10 Sources

Our selection of sources of contents relies on several sources: own review of sites content, your recommendations, social media listening, traffic analysis, researchers, colleagues, etc.

We want to bring to you the short list with the most relevant and up-to-the-minute content about Innovation. We rely very much on your suggestions: what is interesting to you, what articles your consider more relevant, etc. It is also important the update frequency, for example, if a feed haven't been updated in a reasonable period of time we include its news under a collection of sources instead of reserving a complete rack.

Types of Sources

Main types of sources are Top News and Blogs feeds, Videos and Presentacions about Innovation.

We may gather feeds from different sources under a single collection. This allows us to list interesting contents that is not included in top sources. For example, under Magazines & NewsLetters rack we gather new feeds from different Magazines and NewsLetter's feeds.

Besides, Social Media, Twitter and Google Searches and Alerts, filtered accordingly to specific algorithms, may also be part of a collection of feeds.

Your Feedback

We need you in order to really find and display most relevant Innovation content around the world.

Please, if you know of an Innovation related feed you think we should include, please, let us know. You can suggest new sources in the link Suggest a Source at the top of the page.

We are keen to listening to your comments about this Innovation Hall of Fame. Please, send to us any question or suggestion that may be of broad interest.

We are especially interested in receiving your feedback about improvements of this site's service and your impressions about selected Sources of feeds.

If you have any suggestion (or encounter any problem), please, we would love to hear. You can make us any suggestion in the link Contact Us at the top of the page.